Our Process



We start the inspection as soon as we get on site. The first thing we do is look at the big picture. What can we see from across the street? We'll take in details about the roof, siding, windows, landscaping, power lines, and whatever else we can see. After a lap or two around the exterior we'll have a closer look at the roof and then move indoors.



Once we walk in the front door we'll go from room to room opening and closing doors, drawers and cabinets, flipping switches, operating fixtures and appliances, and shining a flashlight in every nook and cranny. This is where we make sure all the day to day items are functional and look for symptoms of hidden defects. 


Attic and Crawl

Once the interior inspection is complete we'll circle back to the attic entrance and have a look around in there. We'll be looking for any evidence of moisture intrusion, structural defects, hidden electrical defects, and anything else we can find. 

The final step is the crawlspace. Underneath the house we'll be looking for any defects in the foundation and supports to ensure your home is on a solid foundation.