About Us

Troy Fisher


 Troy has been investing in real estate since 2012 when he started out with a purchase of four multifamily properties in Vegas. He bought low, sold high, and has expanded his investment strategies to include lending, rehabbing, note investing, and wholesaling, with his most recent acquisition being a 188 pad mobile home park.  

Troy began inspecting in 2015 when he founded Lanika Inspection services and has experience with FHA, VA, and RRIO inspections. 

In his free time he enjoys supporting other investors along their journeys, analyzing deals, and totally nerding out .

WA LIC# 1390

Kelsy Soderlund


 Kelsy has worked within the realm of real estate since 2006 and began managing her family's investments in 2012. She bought her first investment property in 2014 and has expanded her investment strategies to include wholesaling, house hacking, land lording, and rehabbing and is currently looking to expand her portfolio of rental properties. 

She began inspecting for Lanika Inspection Services in 2019 after receiving her inspection training from SOPHI where she graduated top of her class.

In her free time she enjoys volunteering at a local dog rescue, riding her motorcycle, and hiking in the mountains of the great north west.

WA LIC# 2490